Join Another Antipodes Inc in a 5 day talks program aimed at elaborating and unpacking the themes in the Another Antipodes Exhibition | Urban Axis and providing an opportunity for Australian and African participants to develop a dialogue, which is at the heart of the exhibition concept. The talks explore common themes between Australian and African art practice and how contemporary practice is viewed and engages with a global art market.

What stories travel across the Indian Ocean?

FREE EVENT  Friday 30 June PSAS 22 Pakenham St, Fremantle WA 6160

From Ponte City to Perth - Connecting the Antipodes from South Africa to Australia.

Join Chair Professor Peter Beilharz in an engaging conversation about how the city, its planning and lived experiences, frame and shape culture and identity. With presenters Ivan Vladislavic, John Mateer, Sisonke Msimang and Meg Samuelson, he discusses the mega Johannesburg metropolis and its iconic cylindrical tower, Ponte City.
Ponte City is a negative, sometime positive, architectural landmark of Joburg and is the departure point in exploring conversations between South Africa and Australia, connecting to issues of race, space, writing, memory, cities, the visual and the future. The presenters respond to the difficult topic: 'What stories travel across the Indian Ocean?'

This public talk is presented by Thesis Eleven and Curtin University’s School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts.

This public talk is presented by MCCA-Curtin University/Thesis Eleven Event.

FREE event, RSVP to HUM-MCCAAdmin@curtin.edu.au.

Image courtesy of Sian Supski

SYMPOSIUM DAY 1  |  10 JUNE 2017

PSAS 22 Pakenham St, Fremantle WA 6160


Visiting artists and curators Valerie Kabov, Gresham Tapiwa Nyaude, Thania Petersen, Richard Butler-Bowdon and Dr Giles Ryder in a fascinating and informative presentation and panel discussion program touching on colonialism, center v. periphery in art, and culture in a globalised context. 

The first day of the symposium will address itself to the core theme of Another Antipodes, shifting perception of Africa but also the whole idea of set pre-conceptions of identity, creativity and history.

1 | The rise of contemporary African art, a brief historical trajectory .
2 | Reframing the narratives of whiteness in the African context and beyond.
3 | Beyond categorization – self-determination and authenticity in contemporary indigenous art in Australia and its international engagement.
4 | The future of history: New Media as a platform for shifting perceptions – Zim.doc a case study.
5 | International engagement – subverting the tyrannies of distance and shifting the centers of art.

RSVP: laure@psas.com.au

Image courtesy of Gerald Machona and Goodman Gallery

These talks are made possible by City of FremantleQuest Apartment Hotel Fremantle and South African Airways.

SYMPOSIUM DAY 2  |  11 JUNE 2017

PSAS 22 Pakenham St, Fremantle WA 6160



 The second day is devoted to the idea of shared history and challenges that Australian and Africa encounter both in developing local conversations and international ones, in the arts and beyond. John Mateer, Gerald Sayangore, Valerie Kabov, Marcus Gora, Rabia Williams.

1 | Bridging the divide Australia- Southern Africa beyond preconceptions.
2 | Restructuring presumptions of cultural identities through art.
3 | One trip at a time: building connections through practice a personal history and history of an art practice.
4 | Creative synergies: Urban culture and traditional practices a natural synergy for contemporary Zimbabwean art .
5 | Counter-exoticism, subverting the colonial presumption through practice – Australia in a regional context .

RSVP to: laure@psas.com.au

Image courtesey of Larita Engelbrecht and Ebony Curated 'Cafe Chair'.

These talks are made possible by City of Fremantle, Quest Apartment Hotel Fremantle ,   South African Airways and Ramon Llull


Image:  courtesy of Thania Petersen and Everard Read CIRCA, 'Queen Colonaaiers and her Weapons of Mass Destruction 1' (2015)

ARTIST TALK 1  |  14 JUNE 2017

PSAS 22 Pakenham St, Fremantle WA 6160

The Photographic Image & The Moving Image In An Age of Transitional Art Practice

Join female artists Rabia Williams and photographic artist Thania Petersen for an  informal floor talk dissecting African film and photography, and the rise, impact and experience of female artists in contemporary African art. South African Cape Malay female artist THANIA PETERSEN in her informal floor talk ‘Art, culture and identity'. The female artist in a Southern African context. Thania delves deeper into her practice and shares her thoughts on the development of female artists working across Africa and discusses works by female artists selected for the Another Another Antipodes Exhibition Urban Axis. 

Rabia Williams shares her experience working in Zimbabwe with women from a Harare community group and reflects on the processes involved working across cultures in the developing world touching on reframing of the discourse around image and representation. 

RSVP to laure@psas.com.au

These talks are made possible by City of Fremantle,  Quest Apartment Hotel Fremantle and South African Airways and Ramon Llull

Image courtesy of Jake Michael Singer and Hazard Gallery, 'Surge' (2017)


ARTIST TALK 2  |  21 JUNE 2017

PSAS 22 Pakenham St, Fremantle WA 6160

Reading African art and Australian Perspectives - What’s the fuss about? 

International curator of contemporary art VALERIE KABOV joins urban artist GRESHAM NYAUDE in a floor talk - 'Reading African art and Australian Perspectives'. She shares her broad experience growing up and working in Australia, working in the African art sector and working with international collectors and institutions and how this shapes her view on Australian and African art practice. GRESHAM NYAUDE, drawing inspiration from reading and responding to the city while speaking to a global audience will share his reflections on art history and the role it plays in contemporary practice from Africa. 

RSVP to laure@psas.com.au

These talks are made possible by City of FremantleQuest Apartment Hotel Fremantle and South African Airways.