About Another Antipodes Inc.

Another Antipodes Inc. is a WA based incorporated visual arts organisation, which strives to strengthen cross-cultural communication and to forge greater inter-cultural understanding between Australia and Africa. We create and facilitate platforms for artists and organisations to network effectively and collaborate internationally on joint cultural projects.

Our core focus is on building bridges through the presentation of exciting, socially engaged contemporary African and African-Australian art. Through exhibition, educational programs and community outreach, Another Antipodes Inc. celebrates and actively supports diversity, improves community inclusiveness and fosters cross cultural understanding and participation within culturally and linguistically diverse communities, and the wider Australian population.

Founded in 2016, Another Antipodes Inc. has rapidly secured over 20 long-term international and national partnerships delivering significant exposure for Australian and African contemporary visual artists on the global art scene.

We welcome your support through tax deductible donations through the Australian Cultural Fund. Please support the current project by clicking here.


Producer and Project Manager: Gerald Sanyangore
Curators: Gerald Sanyangore, Valerie Kabov and Roelof Petrus van Wyk    
Education + Touring Manager: Kim Jameson + ART ON THE MOVE
Venue Manager: Tom Muller